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Business + AI + People

through client service and our technology-based solutions.

We are developing a successful business for Byple’s future technology.


Byple organizes technology, new businesses and businesses for people's convenience and the value of life, and creates better positive and life values step by step with new technology.


AI, cloud, and intelligence for client businesses in the era of digital transformationWe are returning the positive influence of technology to society by providing digital experience and know-how, such as innovative solutions, and practicing sharing of future technologies in the industrial safety field based on new AI technology.




Samsung Life Insurance DevPortal construction project

Venture business certification

Establishment of AI corporate research center

Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency video analysis technology research

​Kookmin Bank My Data Sophistication

​Shinhan Financial Holding Group Shinhan TODP AI analysis platform construction


Logistics analysis and joint research at Chung-Ang University Graduate School of Business

Establishment of Kookmin Card My Data Platform

Seoul City Hall Open Plaza Enhancement Big Data

​Intelligent data solution Baitan research and development


Kyobo Life Insurance Open Innovation Center Construction

Bipple Solution Co., Ltd. Establishment of intelligent future learning solution

​Online SAT/ACT service development


SK Hynix intelligent data-based platform

​Zbio data analysis platform construction

Coding education platform development

Baiple Establishment of Baiple Co., Ltd.



​Venture company
Venture business confirmation
AI corporate research institute
Certification of research and development department
​Machine learning patent application
​AI Cloud Patent Application
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