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Intelligent industrial safety

​Industrial site real-time smart safety management service "Corbis"


From industrial sites to smartphones
Check the safety of your workers in real time!

With AI adaptive technology

Smartphones,  Using existing CCTV and IOT equipment

Verify and record comprehensive worker safety

It is an intelligent AI solution that supports safety management for workers and businesses.


Site managers can check daily and weekly reports on workers' safety details and receive support for the reports.

Corbis Features

An intelligent safety solution that analyzes video data collected at industrial sites and ensures worker safety.

Use smartphones, CCTV, and IOT!

By applying software-based AI technology, safety analysis is supported in real time based on comprehensive data such as video collection devices and IOT equipment.

mountainUp-Safe AI Awareness Support!

Computer vision AI technology for industrial safety of personal protective equipment (PPE), hazardous area notification, fire/smoke, and abnormal behavior (falling, wandering, fighting, etc.)

Worker pseudonymization identification

Supports personal identification based on image recognition content such as face, body shape, and behavior of field workers, and supports pseudonymization to protect personal information to protect and manage worker safety.

Corbis service flow


COBIS supports industry-customized services and mobile application services for safety at small business construction sites with adaptive software technology.


Intelligent analysis platform support

COVIS supports an intelligent analysis platform and allows you to check worker safety and risk management through a visualization service based on business site information.


Equipped with an AI model, it provides analysis indicators for accident prediction and prevention to further support safety-related industrial sites.

​We provide daily and weekly report services tailored to your company, allowing you to check reporting and management details at a glance.


​Technological partnership and product inquiry

Based on new AI technology, we aim to create a safe and happy future for workers by practicing sharing and sharing future technologies in the field of industrial safety.

We look forward to hearing from many people who want to create a better future with technology.

Democratizing AI

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